Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We all spent the day at Legoland. Jordan and i were flying high in an airplane. i was staring at him because there is nothing more i like to see than my kids happy.

Thats One Big Boogie!

That's one big pile of poo!

Ok so i know this is grose but after looking at this picture on the computer for the first time we all agreed that Jordan just took a huge dump... i know that's where my mind goes, but i guess thats what you get for living with so many boys.


Nice Shootn Tex

Over the New Year holiday we took the boys shooting for the first time. They seemed to have the same talent for it as their dad.

Jordan's Baptism Day

This is sad but true. This is the only picture taken in 2009 where the whole family is in the shot. Now that Megan is almost a year we definately need to have pictures taken.

A Rose Among Thorns

Just kidding boys. This was a saying that my dad used to say to me when i was a little girl. It is soo cute to see how much the boys love and look out for their sister Megan.

Daddy's Girl

The Best Beach Day Ever!

We miss not living close to the beach, but now we really appreciate it when we are there.
Another animal cursh. We'll have to keep this one
to show Ethan his first french kiss..I never noticed this till
now but it looks like he's feeding the giraffe with
a leaf from his mouth so funny.
Here was a true love story. No joke this lady lion at the Zoo had the biggest crush on Eric. She really paid no attention to anyone but him, it was so cute!
The Funnest Movie Premier ever!
St. George Marathon! Finished with a 4:40 time. Pretty stincky time but not bad for not finishing. By far the funnest marathon so far.